Schuyler Community Development

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SCD Mission Statement: 

'To provide leadership in facilitating community development         and sustained economic growth.'        

Focusing on Retention - Expansion - Recruitment, the Schuyler Community Development (SCD) is committed to supporting the expansion and development of Schuyler’s capacity to compete successfully for new opportunities by expanding its housing supply, strengthening its collaborative partnerships, growing the local tax base and enhancing Schuyler's quality of place. 

Formed in 1985, the Schuyler Community Development is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit (public charity) organization and is comprised of twelve volunteer Directors and a full-time Economic Development Coordinator.  Funding for the SCD provided by voter approval in 2007 and in 2011 of the Schuyler Economic Development Plan (SEDPlan) via its contractual partnership with the City of Schuyler. Having no governing authority, the SCD functions in an advisory and recommending role to the City Council as outlined in the Schuyler Economic Development Plan (see SEDPlan, Page 15). 

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   Schuyler's Opportunity: 

       Become a stand-alone 'premier bedroom community' for area employers.

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